Grace of Art

Founded in 2006, Grace of Art Co.,ltd. is recognized for its refined jewelry craftsmanship and articulate entrepreneurial skills. Grace of Art Co.,ltd. has been awarded with multiple accolades from the Thai government throughout its history of over 15 years of operations.

Our Expertise


Committed to serving the needs of jewelry brand owners, from design to the finished quality products, to bring about the appropriateness of the production cost and product quality

     The Pioneer of “Mass Craftsmanship”

  • Produce quality products at a reasonable price by taking advantage of the economies of scale production

  • Operate factories located in Thailand

  • Operate production capacity of more than 100,000 piece yearly

  • Employ 100 highly skilled craftsmen, product development technicians and designers




Our Commitment


Since the firm's inception in 2006, Grace of Art Co.,ltd. missing has been simple.

        Focused and immutable: to be the maker of choice for anyone who wish to make extraordinary jewelry that is excite and understated elegance. For well over 15 years, we’ve stayed true to that mission, crafting bespoke jewelry for some of the well know brand and retail. Grace of Art Co.,ltd. team members, many of whom would be involved in creating your bespoke jewelry.


        Grace of Art Co.,ltd. has a team of over 100 loyal staff and expert, each committed to his or her chosen field, whether casting, filing, setting, polishing or plating. The exacting particulars of our company style and practices mean that we tend to train and grow our team from within, ensuring a continuity of tradition, precision and pride in our craft—principles to which we have been steadfastly committed since we first opened our doors.

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